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State testing at Longfellow begins April 17th.   

Below is our testing schedule for this round of the OSTP Testing. 

Students, please remember, there will be no cell phones allowed in the testing rooms.  

Good luck!  


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Starting April 16th Longfellow Middle School will have a revised bell schedule. All students will now stay for our 6plus time.  School will dismiss for students at 3:30 for the remainder of the school year.  

 LMS Revised Bell Schedule
1st Period - 8:00-8:55
Passing - 8:55-9:00
2nd Period - 9:00-9:55
Passing - 9:55-10:00
3rd Period - 10:00-10:55
Passing - 10:55-11:00
4th/A Lunch - 10:55-11:20
Recess - 11:20-11:30
4th/B Lunch - 11:25-11:50
Recess - 11:50-12:00
4th/C Lunch - 11:55-12:25
Recess - 12:25-12:35
Passing - 12:35-12:40
5th Period - 12:40-1:35
Passing - 1:35-1:40
6th Period - 1:40-2:35
Passing - 2:35-2:40
6 Plus - 2:40-3:30
Dismissal - 3:30



Thank you Enid voters for updates to

Longfellow Middle School!

Longfellow Ext

A new soccer field, shown in green, can be seen in the area where the playground equipment is currently.  The plan is to move the swings and other play structures to the orange area.  Our students use the outdoor basketball court quite a lot and the current plans show that we will still have that available.  The basketball court is shown in the light blue.  We are still in the design phase and will keep updates coming as they become available.  

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